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OUT & ABOUT : I love walking around in serendipity with my camera. Taking photographs at whim say something about life; they speak to us; they fill us with an emotion; or they give us insight.

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Today I found a Harwood Wade saddle for sale. They want $6,500 for it. I was in a saddle shop in Kamas, Utah and saw this beauty. well broken in but definitely a Harwood Wade saddle! Here is a little history:

A Wade tree saddle is a slick fork buckaroo style that is specifically built to be a working saddle. It's designed for handling livestock and for maximum comfort during long, strenuous hours in the saddle. Wade saddles have been popular with working cowboys in the Rocky Mountain region for some time. But recently they have exploded as the hot saddle in western riding. Why are they so hot? Is it just the latest fashion? We think not.

The popularity of Wade tree saddles can be traced to two factors. First, Wade trees just make darn good using saddles. To ride one is to fall in love with one. They make you a better rider. You don't have much choice but to ride in the correct riding position. It can almost feel like cheating.
The second influential factor is master horseman, Ray Hunts introduction of Wade saddles to western riders through his clinics around the world. If Ray rode a Wade, everyone wanted to ride a Wade. Today, many top horse clinicians have followed his lead, influencing thousands and thousands of riders. Wades have become a top seller for custom western saddle makers and now many manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon and include them in their product lines.