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ANIMALS : The beautiful animal kingdom is an important and vital part of our natural ecosystem. We humans can learn a great deal by carefully observing and protecting them.

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Just off the Continental Divide I was scouting through the deep willows close to Mt. Bierstadt late last fall. I was chest deep and not paying attention to my surroundings. As I came out of the willows I looked up and there he was, fixated on me, eyes locked and I'm sure his smell and hearing was also locked in on me. At first I was frightened. I was too close in the wild, he could easily out run me. Moose can run up to 35 miles per hour. I had nothing to lose but to slowly raise my camera and fire away. My barrage of shutter clicks resonated with me and I'm sure him as well. I then slowly moved diagonally from him and never looked back. Once I was a long ways from him, I caught my first breath. I just had my first lesson in wildlife photography. Stay cool and remember to focus.